Song Doula 

Do you feel like you have songs that are wanting to come through you but you don't know where to begin?


I am a song doula. 


I have provided guidance and support to dozens of women that have songs inside of them that need to be birthed.


I have helped women who thought they couldn't sing discover an amazing voice within them and birth the songs inside of them that have been itching to come out.


I am well versed in the creative process and hold space for you to sift and sort through your ideas while catching your words on paper. I help you sculpt your songs by guiding you into your body and breath to put the right melodies and words to communicate all that you feel. 


Single Session: $75

3 Session Package: $200

5 Session Package: $315

 "Chelsea helped me see my own ability to create music that also allowed me to cope with some deep and difficult issues in my life. In collaboration with Chelsea, I've created a handful of songs that are so cathartic to sing." -Lisa Holden 

Packages & Pricing