Hi! I'm Chelsea :) I’m a self-taught musician and singer that writes original, soulful songs straight from my heart.


Songwriting is a lifeboat I find myself being saved by again and again. It is my safe harbor when life sends me storms my therapy and medicine.

I never considered myself a good singer. In fact, in high school, I was turned down twice when I auditioned for the musical. Between this and other scarring experiences in my youth, I thought I had a "bad voice." It wasn't until years later after starting a yoga practice that I began looking inward and understanding my emotional landscape and found my heart was full of music. I allowed myself to open up to what I felt inside me, to sing, to write, and to open my heart and mind to rise above my old stories and share my voice with the world.


I am a believer that there are no "bad voices." I want to empower women to reclaim their voices. It takes courage to create new beliefs, but if you have songs in your heart, I want to help you bring them into the world! (See my Song Doula and Free Her Voice Tabs for more info!)