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The Phoenix EP is the remains from an artistic collaboration that ended last year with my dear friend Vanessa. When we decided our band, Sea Reinas was no longer where we wanted to put our energy, I wanted to salvage what I could and, with her blessing, re-release the songs I wrote that we produced together

The songs are very diverse and even include one I wrote in Italian. Each song holds a little piece of me and shares a story of my heart.

The Phoenix EP

Songs From the Heart of a Mermaid.png

Chelsea's debut album 

Songs From the Heart of a Mermaid is Chelsea's first released album. 

It is a self-produced labor of love woven with raw emotion and crafted with heart and soul

Chelsea also sings in a female music duo, Mamita Experience. She and Sarah Songbird cowrite heartfelt original songs with a motherly twist

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