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Simple Guitar for Songwriters: a virtual workshop for women

April 29th, 2pm via zoom



I taught myself to play guitar back in high school. I never had aspirations to be an amazing guitarist but I did have the desire to be able to play something decent to accompany my voice and sing to.
With over a decade of exploring and breaking down concepts that felt complicated, I have developed an approach to teaching guitar that is easy, straightforward, and empowering.

I will teach how to create a relationship with your instrument and share tips and tricks to make yourself sound good in a very short amount of time.

This workshop will give you the tools you need to start accompanying your voice with guitar.

Sorry gents, this is for the ladies only.

What you will need:
Open mind

This will be a by donation workshop, suggested $15-25 sent by venmo to @chelsbrady or Paypal to

Pay what you can, I know this is a really challenging time for most people, so pay what feels in alignment with where you are at (no one will be turned away for lack of funds

Location: Zoom! I will send out a link once you are confirmed!

About the instructor:
Chelsea is an artist on a mission to empower women to find the music within themselves. She believes everyone is innately musical, but along our paths, we can adopt blocks to the music that flows through us from traumatic experiences and stories. The voice is literally a muscle that needs to be exercised- if you don't think you have a good voice, it is because you are not exercising it. When you exercise, your muscles build strength and stamina- it is the same thing with your vocal cords. Chelsea wants to give people the tools to empower others to work through past pain and trauma and rediscover the amazing voice that is innately theirs!


Virtual Women's Songwriter Shares

So you've written a couple songs, or maybe several dozen... but there is something about sharing those songs, those tender pieces of you with other people that is too scary or nerve racking that it just doesn't happen.

Well this is a space for you to practice being brave! Lean into the support and safety of a group of other women in your same boat that are ready to cheer you on and watch you shine!


We gather monthly on Zoom. Contact me for details. 

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